Posthuman Zine
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Posthuman Zine Release

Exhibition with contributions by:
Helen Emily Davy, Philipp Miksch, Tim Van Hooft Laura Oyuela and Belén Bini Bernadou

Posthuman Zine with contributions by:
Christian Wodstrup Christiansen, Helen Davy, Oskar Enetjärn, Paula Flores, Philipp Miksch, Laura Oyuela, Delia Rößer, Tim van Hooft

The Posthuman Zine Release taking place on Saturday, February 22, at Anatolia Schnitzel is fueled by topics regarding the human relations with AI, animals and biology. In accordance with their development, humans come upon different ways of going beyond their capacities, looking out to new technologies or even searching for new ways of coexisting with nature. The Posthuman-Zine itself is the outcome of a seminar given by Julia Grillmayr at the Site-Specific Art Department during the winter semester of 2019/20. Students from different departments of Die Angewandte who attended the course were involved in a set of thought-provoking discussions where they tried to define and dig deeper into the concepts of Transhumanism, Posthumanism and compost. By the end of the seminar, each student produced an individual work, and as a collection of all these art works, poems, stories and new ideas the zine was composed.

The Posthuman Event also features an exhibition presenting some of the artwork of the students, displaying a group of digital art pieces titled “21st Century Monsters” by Tim Van Hooft, a series of oracle-deck card prototypes titled “An Oracle for the Chthulucene” by Helen E. Davy, and an untitled mix media sculpture by Philipp Miksch. A poetry reading of several compositions which series is titled “Postems” by Laura Oyuela will also take place at the opening hour of the event. The Posthuman Zine Release and exhibition is hosted at Anatolia Schnitzel (Hofmühlgasse 25, 1060) as part of from its Latin root curare ‘to take care’ February events curated by Tonica Hunter.   


Credits: Laura Oyuela