2020 June 16 / 14:00
Student Projects/Diplomas
Your Cloud Storage is Almost Full

Data is a resource. Whoever has data can influence decisions. Data centers are the places where the source of power of tech companies is stored.

Virtual maps and world models influence our physical space. They do not show reality, but only excerpts and thus create their own narratives.

The artwork explores Google data centers by appropriating images from the virtual map service Google Street View. The data centers are shown in exterior or interior view, before or during their creation. Google Street View determines the image, the artist determines the detail. By means of analogue photography, the images are removed from the digital sphere. In the darkroom the images are given a physicality. They become objects that tell of the places where data is stored, creating their own narrative.

The data center locations shown are located in 7 countries (USA, Chile, Ireland, Netherlands, Finland, Taiwan, Singapore). The original images of Google Street View are from the years 2008 until now.


Images: Benedikt Meixl